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Sale - My Joy

Three years ago, discounts and sales suffered from only the western market. Trade and the emergence of a large number of famous brands, in addition to increasing trade, brought to life of every citizen, trying to save literally at all, the joy of buying quality goods.

Tradition hold season discounts and sales came from Europe, where almost all shops selling their goods to the arrival of new collections to free trade area and return capital. As specialists note, discounts needed not only for buyers but also for sellers for a variety of reasons.

- Today fashion is changing with the advent of each season, so be selling merchandise at deep discounts, although this can be good and it is important model. Although, of course, sold at a discount, for example, 50% loss for the company, but these are the rules of the game, and if the season major sales to be successful, the decline in prices during the discount slipped impact on the overall profit.

- Each brand itself determines its discounts, which can afford it - bound volume discounts and Accounting. Sale items discounted 20% -30% practically no loss for large stores, but total sales, with discounts of 50% or more obviously biased, but necessary in order to release the trading area and have invested in the collection of funds.

- The price of the product may be reducing because of price policy, or it may be the result of reducing the product of expiring or to a marriage. If the commodity discounted, it is important to reflect on the warranty card cause Administration (marriage without the full assembly, etc.), because if it detects deficiencies in discount product, the buyer is entitled to his exchange, except in cases that have given rise to businesses.

There are two seasons discount, which is total sales collections discounted 30%, 50% and sometimes 70% - winter (January - February), summer (July-August). Eve of the New Year shopping centers delight their customer's sales and discounts.

- Although the season of discounts in major overseas trademark pinned many shops want to raise your customer's mood in the run-up to New Year. However, Christmas campaign is doing a small discount on some group products.

Meanwhile, in Europe, strict regulation time when shops may offer discounts resolved at the government level.

- In France, for the first time this year the entire season discounts governed State and all regions of the country to organize season discounts at a specific time-bound period. This government regulation is essential for the preservation of a healthy competitive environment. He added that in Europe severely punished violators who do not comply with this regulation.

Heartened by seasonal discounts, many buyers already have started to buy things from the beginning to the end of the season. Moreover, there is merit. However, some of the most discriminating consumers worry that bought at a substantial discount commodity exchange or return back to the case of defect detection can be done. This anxiety increases and the "sale of goods bought on exchanges and refunds will be", which can often be seen during the sales.

- When the seller at the point of sale at a discount makes information exchange and refunds will be "the first he expects to illiteracy buyer. Any merchandise purchased at a discount or sale, should have placed him qualitative characteristics. If the buyer is dissatisfied purchased product, the product may exchange or return.

On the eve of New Year, sales are shares in the coming months-January and February-many buyers will be a good opportunity to buy goods at a substantial discount. However, the ultimate dream of all purchasers of clothing year round have the opportunity to acquire a quality product at a lower price - is not utopia. It is noteworthy that many Western shops have translated this vision into reality.

- In Europe, a very popular so-called discount stores where goods sold at considerable discounts during the year, not only during sales. The range of such stores is collections of past seasons, but generally the quality and branded items. Such shops have only started to appear, but I think that in the near future they will be very popular and in demand.

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